Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management (TQM)


Point Security Company has, is and will continue to adhere closely to the philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM). This involves exceeding our customer requirements and expectations for all of our products and services.

We believe we will have a competitive edge by engaging all employees and to use the appropriate TQM tools in the correct combination to serve our customer needs. We will continually strive to understand, maintain, communicate, and improve our TQM system.

One of the goals of TQM is to prevent problems or defects from occurring rather than detecting and correcting them after they have occurred. This is done by putting in place standards, procedures, organization, resources, Customer Service training etc. which will result in improved quality for customers.

Point Security Company aims to deliver the highest quality of service to its clients in keeping with the highest standards and best practices of our industry. Our overall goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction and success by providing a contracted security service which meets all relevant requirements of not only our Industry but also the requirements of each individual client.


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