Other Security Services


Point Security Company offers services of benefit to a wide range of agencies and businesses, including education, industry, government, and general business.

  • Uniformed Security | Both armed and unarmed guards, with special expertise in the fields of healthcare and industry.
  • Security Consulting | Security assessments and comprehensive planning for emergencies.
  • Ancillary Services | Value added services, like our report writing and incident tracking system.

At Point Security, we are your partner in assuring the safety of both your facilities and employees.  Whether we are providing uniformed officers on-site or assisting your business in comprehensive emergency preparedness, we prepare for every scenario and protect in every circumstance.

Customized Approaches to Handling Risk

Each client and each job site provides a different challenge and a different set of security needs.  For example, a school operates with a different energy, a different atmosphere, and presents a unique set of risks compared to a factory floor, petrochemical facility, a healthcare facility, an auto auction or a municipal office building and courthouse.  At Point Security, we are sensitive to the specific needs and appropriate ambiance of each client we serve.

For a security service that fits your facility and its culture, one that “looks like it belongs,” and as if it has always been there – call on Point Security Company at 724-934-2222.

Your customers, clients, and employees will appreciate the safety and security offered by Point Security.


To find out more about working with Point Security Company, or for more information on our services and solutions, contact us!


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